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20 Questions Before Starting a Business

CPA – ACCOUNTANT 20 Questions Before Starting a Business Many people dream of having their own business. To see if starting a business is right for you, ask yourself these important 20 questions. Your answers will help you determine if you are ready to become a small business owner or where you need to spend […]

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9 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

CPA – ACCOUNTANT Problem solving is a skill that start-ups need to learn quickly. Use these steps to guide you. Creating a start-up, or managing any small business, is all about problem solving. Some people are good at it and some are not—independent of their IQs or academic credentials (there may even be an inverse […]

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Miami Small Business – 10 Tips for Turning around Flagging Sales and Boosting your Revenues

CPA – ACCOUNTANT Miami Small Business – 10 Tips for Turning around Flagging Sales and Boosting your Revenues If your sales are struggling and revenues are falling, it’s essential to conduct a full review of your small business to understand where things have gone wrong and where the opportunity lies for turning things around. This is, […]

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping and Focus on Selling

Gustavo & Daivisi Viera CPA – Accountant   Our Miami Bookkeeping Services handle all your daily accounting needs: invoices and statements, accounts payable, cash receipts and disbursements, payroll, bank reconciliations and recurring reports. Your bookkeeper will be in contact with you daily by Instant Messenger, email or phone with any questions or concerns. All under […]

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What Entrepreneurs think and believe – Success Factors

Gustavo A Viera CPA: Miami Fl. We can all dream about what it takes to make our startup a success. From recent survey feedback, it seems evident that the urban legends leading to success are wrong. The average entrepreneur is not the one who dumped a promising career, sketched his idea on the back of […]

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Set Small Goals and Look Out for Yourself

CPA ACCOUNTANT: How did you start your small business? What was the deciding factor that convinced you to take the leap? I used to be a Director of Finance and we were coming up with some new marketing methods. The company chose a method that caused people to lose their jobs. This upset me and I felt that […]

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Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Accountant Miami: One of the least understood aspects of entrepreneurship is why small businesses fail, and there’s a simple reason for the confusion: Most of the evidence comes from the entrepreneurs themselves. As a CPA have had a close-up view of numerous business failures. And from my observation, the reasons for failure cited by the owners […]

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How to Raise Venture Capital

Accountant Miami: Raising venture capital isn’t the easiest thing to do. As a Miami Accountant a client of mine and I spent 6 months doing a dog and pony show in front of 21 venture capitalists and none of them were willing to give us money. We thought we had everything venture capitalists (VCs) wanted. We had […]

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Entrepreneur Wants a CPA In Miami

CPA – Accountant:      The few listed tips might be of interest when employing a bookkeeper, CPA or Accountant.   Want to find a CPA in Miami? A great CPA or Accountant will have a solid understanding concerning general accepted accounting practices (GAAP) and also the flow of transactions of your particular company. Additionally, a specific […]

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Medicare Provider Instructions For Credit Balance Reporting

Accountant Miami: All providers of health care services participating in the Medicare program are required to submit a Medicare Credit Balance Report (form HCFA-838). A completed HCFA-838 is to be submitted on a quarterly basis. Section 1866 (a) (1) (C) of the Social Security Act requires hospitals and other health care providers participating in the […]

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